Insure your casco with 0 € deductible!

How motor excess insurance works in practice?

As a smart solution it is beneficial to choose 2 separate insurance policies:

  1. Casco insurance ( deductible for example 320 € )
  2. Excess insurance ( limit for example 320 € )*

* Concluding excess insurance is not dependent on the existing conditions or insurer of your casco insurance.

Should a loss occur then as normally the casco deductible has to be paid by the policy holder.

But in case you have the additional Excess insurance then you don’t need to worry about compensating the casco deductible! Excess insurance will indemnify to you the deductible part ( example limit of 320 € ).

Solving of your insurance claim automatically becomes more convenient for you as the financial side of paying the deductible is already taken care of.

Be smart and use the opportunity the lower your deductible to nil!

If you would like to receive a quote please contact your insurance broker!