Motor Excess insurance indemnity can be applied if the damages exceed the deductible set in the casco policy. In addition the insurance company who has issued the casco policy needs to provide their official decision or warranty letter that states that the casco claim will be indemnified.

Notifying a claim:
Please notify us of a potential claim within 3 working days from the time of the accident. We will register the claim and share the needed information with the insurance company so that an indemnification decision can be made.

Information needed for claims handling:
Copy of the indemnification decision or warranty letter from your casco insurer in an electronic format (in case you have already paid the deductible yourself then please send us also the scanned copy of the respective receipt).
A short overview on when the damage occurred.
Registration number of the vehicle.
Your contact information.
Bank details where you would like the indemnity to be transferred.

Payment of claims:
Motor Excess insurance claims are paid, based on the indemnity application, either to vehicle owner or user bank account.